• Beginnings

    TehnoINSTRUMENT IMPEX SRL has been present in Romania since May 1997, with an operational focus on analytical process and laboratory equipment.

    The entry on the environmental quality monitoring equipment market was made in 1999, by strengthening the partnership with ECM ECO Monitoring, an US based company in Slovakia.

    The transition from the sale of equipment to the sale of solutions was achieved in 2000, the year when the first continuous emission monitoring system was delivered.

    In 2001, the company delivers to PETROM the first mobile laboratory to monitor the quality of environmental factors (air, water, soil).

    The year 2002 brought to the company the participation with OPSIS Sweden in the Phare project “Cross Border Air Monitoring Quality” Romania – Bulgaria.

    TehnoINSTRUMENT’s first large-scale project was carried out in 2003 with ECM ECO Monitoring and consisted of delivering 25 emission monitoring systems and an mobile laboratory to the former Sidex Galati (current ArcelorMittal Galati).

    Since 2003, TehnoINSTRUMENT has begun a series of collaborations with major players in the cement industry. The first of these was Holcim, which acquired four in-situ DOAS in-situ emissions monitoring systems for the three Holcim plants at that time. In 2005-2006, Lafarge (now CRH Romania SA) and Carpatcement Heidelberg followed in 2007-2008.

  • Evolution

    The year 2006 marked the beginning of the construction of a new headquarters of the company, in Ploieşti, on Laboratorului Street no. 31 B. It became operational in 2007, being properly equipped, in addition to the office spaces, with a service laboratory, a mechanical workshop and storage facilities for equipment and materials.

    If in 2006 the number of continuous emissions monitoring and delivery systems operated by companies representing oil and gas (refining, petrochemistry), energy (power stations, thermal power stations, nuclear power plants) stood at 50, in 2014 the number exceeded 200.

    Starting in 2008, TehnoINSTRUMENT’s strategic decision to enter the foreign markets is materializing through the first IMSAT project in Cameroon. There have been collaborations with Lafarge Moldova and Lafarge Hungary.

  • Development

    In 2012, the company began developing new market strategies, focusing on complementary sectors for gas emission monitoring equipment. It is the year that TehnoINSTRUMENT delivers and puts into operation the first integrated gas and fire detection system at OMV Petrom – Petrobrazi Refinery.

    2013 marks the consolidation of the partnership with Siemens, this being the year when TehnoINSTRUMENT becomes, as an official acknowledgment of its capabilities and competencies, “SIEMENS Solution Partner for Automation”.

    Involvement in the research activity materializes in 2014, the year when TehnoINSTRUMENT signs the first joint research project with INCDIE ICPE CA and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

    In 2015, TehnoINSTRUMENT’s shareholders took the strategic decision to strengthen the business line “Laboratory Equipment and Research” by broadening the affiliate team and signing partnerships with new suppliers.

    For process optimization, in 2015  the implementation of the ERP-CRM-Project Management Integrated Information System is completed in TehnoINSTRUMENT company. In addition to the centralization of information across all departments of the company, the integrated IT system ensures the accuracy of data management, the promotion of the latest equipment and solutions, the shortest bidding time, the careful follow-up of contracts, the provision of human and material resources in the implementation of contracts and activities service. For TehnoINSTRUMENT, the sales process is not limited to the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Our customers benefit from active service support both during the warranty and post-warranty period. Keeping a long-lasting relationship with customers is also ensured by the quality of support or maintenance services, activities that reduce operating costs, increase profitability, and generate new opportunities as a result of TehnoINSTRUMENT’s recommendations.

    The robustness, quality of equipment and services and compliance with legal requirements regarding environmental protection, pollution prevention, health and safety of TehnoINSTRUMENT employees have been recognized through the certifications received from the profile bodies, namely the certification by INSEMEX Petroşani for carrying out specific design activities , installation, maintenance and repair of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, IGSU authorization for the installation and maintenance of fire alarm and signaling systems, alarm and fire alarm systems as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

  • Present

    In 2016 we submitted legal documentation for expanding our current headquarters, allowing us to double our working space for the TehnoINSTRUMENT offices. The expansion started in 2017 and was an important step in the company’s development. This operation is part of an extensive process of adapting the space and logistics in order to provide optimal conditions for the company’s activity, given the increasing complexity of the solutions we offer and the increasing level of customers and market demands.

    We continue to develop our portfolio with the largest international industrial equipment manufacturers, in order to constantly expand our range of solutions and to be able to promptly cover any type of requirements expressed by our clients.

    Increasing investments in industry, the process of adapting Romanian legislation to the European one, increasing involvement of civil society and authorities in environmental protection are factors that give TehnoINSTRUMENT the opportunity to support its position as an important name in the market. We are open to challenges and eager to demonstrate our abilities to deliver results, in a professional and effective manner, in all our areas of expertise. This way, we support our company’s long-term vision: to provide technical solutions, equipment and services that will become key tools to contribute in maintaining the balance between a dynamic industrial world and a healthy environment.