Portable gas detection equipment

Portable gas detectors are used for monitoring the atmosphere in which operating personnel is working or for checking potential gas leaks from different plants. The gas detectors operate by means of battery-based power supplies, they display the monitored gas concentration and transmit audible or visible warnings when the concentration exceeds the safety limits.

The detectors can be “single gas” detectors, case in which they contain one single sensor specific for a certain gas (oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc.) or for generic explosive gases, or “multi gas” detectors, containing up to 6 different sensors, each for a certain type of gas.

The sensors can include electrochemical, catalytic, IR, solid state, thermoconductive or photoionisation detectors (PID). Also, the detectors can be supplied with sampling probes and sampling pumps.

Moreover, when area (open path) detection is demanded, the detectors can use the laser, IR or UV detection technologies.

TehnoINSTRUMENT’s expertise consists in the optimal selection of the right detector for each particular application.