Since the beginning, TehnoINSTRUMENT has paid special attention to service activities, ensuring not only the correct commissioning of the delivered equipment, but also proactive technical assistance, so that the equipment works efficiently for as long as possible and at a cost of minimum operation.

Together with expanding and the range of supplied equipment, we developed the service department’s capabilities, increasing the number of engineers and technicians, but also the technical and material basis, including the fleet and the equipment needed to carry out the activities effectively. We also have our own completely equipped laboratory and a CRM system that allows the accurate record of the equipment in service, as well as the operations performed on it. We offer our customers the possibility of signing a maintenance contract, allowing the equipment to be maintained in optimal operation. Periodicity of maintenance works can vary from once a week to once a year, depending on the requirements of the equipment, as well as the assistance that the end user can provide by their own means.

TehnoINSTRUMENT also offers, where possible, remote maintenance via Internet.