Gas Analysis

We have a high experience in this field, with hundreds of applications implemented in different types of industrial processes.

We can supply complete and optimised solutions for gas analysis, starting from the classic measurement of O2 and CO in combustion processes and going up to complex gaseous matrixes in petrochemical processes or the analysis of pure gases used in protective atmospheres, using sensors and transducers having detection limits from ppt and measuring ranges up to percent level.

Our know-how is what allows us to select and propose the optimal solution, not just from the analysis principle point of view, but also from the type of sample conditioning system and gas analyser which is the most appropriate for the application.

We supply not only complete sampling and conditioning systems, but also the respective individual parts included in their configuration, both for on-line gas analysers and also samplers which can then be used to analyse the sample in a lab. We also supply gas generators, dilution systems and calibration gases.